Monday, January 3, 2011

Randy Edsall to Maryland

Long time football coach for the University of Connecticut, Randy Edsall is leaving the University to coach the terrapins in Maryland where he will revisit what he did twelve years earlier in Connecticut. He led the Huskies out of the Division I-AA and into the Big East where he has proved many people wrong about his coaching abilities. This year he brought his team to a BCS bowl game in Glendale, Arizona, the Tostitos Fiesta bowl.

Despite being blown out by the Sooners, his up and coming Huskies put up a good fight scoring twenty points. The only bad part of the twenty points was that no points scored were from offensive touchdowns, this was for the second consecutive game.  He also lead his team two Big East Championships one in 2007, and one in 2010.   

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rising to the top

For Jim Calhoun this 2011 basketball was just going to be a learning season after being on a decline, last season not even making an appearance at the March Madness Tournament. This year Uconn having acquired five new freshmen, not including walk-ons, they thought they would have another season doing mediocre. Uconn led by the great Kemba Walker is now ranked number nine in the country. They have received two freshmen players from Germany one who did outstanding against Kentucky in the Maui Tournament, Niels Giffey who went 5-of-6 shooting that game scoring fourteen points. A seven foot- one inch center is expected to arrive at Uconn, and ready to play in mid December. He will be a great asset to the team says Calhoun. Now with Uconn ranked on the AP poll number nine a lot is expected out of team, and Calhoun knows that they can do it knocking off the number two team in the country Michigan State.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Uconn wins Maui Tournament

Wednesday night was a big night for the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team. They were victorious in Maui. The unranked Huskies lead by junior, and arguably the best player in college basketball right now, the huskies defeated number two Michigan State in the semi finals to play number eight Kentucky. Kemba Walker the most valuable player of the tournament had an outstanding game against the Spartans. Starting the second half with only one point he ended the game with thirty The only Uconn player to score three consecutive thirty point games. He hit a key jumper with under a minute left, to secure the win for the huskies. It was scary when, 54 percent free throw shooter Alex Oriahki went to the line to keep the huskies’ lead. Wednesday night was the big night unranked Uconn, whose team had only two returning seniors, against the number eight Kentucky Wildcats. Kemba walker lit up the game scoring twenty nine points, at the end of the first half Uconn led by twenty. After the game Kemba said, “We wanted to show the world that we’re still Uconn”

Monday, November 22, 2010

Education Reform

Today has been proclaimed as a day on blogging about Education Reform. This is not my usuasl topic, but I will try my best. My school Burlington High is planning on going one to one next year. Which means each student will be given a laptop or iPad  to help us learn. I wonder if the reform will change the physical structure of the classroom becuase in school classrooms desks have been in rows since the beginning of learning, that needs to change.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warriors Undefeated at home

The Uprising team, the Golden State Warriors remains undefeated at home 5-0. Last night they beat the Detroit pistons 101-97 holding on to their 7-4 record. Monta Ellis showed up the Pistons in the first half scoring twenty four of his twenty seven in the first 24 minutes of the game. Stephen Curry a sophomore in the NBA, from Davidson College, had twenty-one points. It has been the first time in Warriors history since the 199-1991 season that they have started off 5-0 at home, an outstanding performance by Uconn alumni Charlie Villanueva off the bench for the Pistons scoring 18 points and eight rebounds. It was almost turning into a horror show with the last 9 seconds Ben Gordon of the Pistons was about to shoot up a three to send the game into over time then he lost the ball.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Phoenix Suns distribute Lakers second straight loss

Last night the Lakers suffered from their second straight loss of the season. The suns edged over the well played Lakers 121-116. The Suns had an unbelievable night knocking down twenty- two, three point shoots from down town, the second most in NBA history.  Player Jason Richardson of the Suns said, "You just feel like the basket is huge and that every shot you throw up is going to go in," he said. "[Coach] Alvin [Gentry] was calling plays for me and my teammates were finding me. It was just fun to have a night like that." He ended up lasts night with thirty-four points. Steve Nash had an amazing game lasts night with a double-double racking up twenty-one points, and thirteen assists.

Monday, November 1, 2010


 My web 2.0 teacher had us search our selves on the internet search engine google. I typed in my name Matt Ackerman, and what showed up were a bunch of news paper articles regaurding a state track meet I had one in early Summer. I was shocked that you could just google my name, and something would show up related to you. I don't think people should have the right to anable acess such as phone numbers, and addresses over the internet, if you just google the person's name.